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Always love life,and never have reason to stop living,believe in yourself,believe in your dream. be yourself,always behave, be respectful towards others. and TREAT SOMEONE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.

My Opinion on Frozen

I’ve heard from many people that this movie is amazing. I wasn’t sure what the movie was, I heard it was a Disney Princess-like movie and it was animated. Me and my best friend Jeanne went to go watch it. Throughout the movie I felt dem feels..yaas. It was sad and funny..ugh mixed emotions. I’m so obssesed with Frozen so prepare for Frozen gifs,pictures,qoutes. “Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them now.” Haha inside joke with my best friend. It was worth the ticket we payed for and the little girl kicking my chair. Anna is definetly my favorite character. She’s so adventurous and funny. Literally stumbling on what to say.. 5 stars to this movie! Amaze-ing.

Top 10 K-pop Songs of 2013

Tbh I stopped listening to K-pop around August when school started and I was too busy, which makes me so upset. So i’m sorry if i’m not caught up. But i watched Gayo Daejun and I fell in love with K-pop again, iz gucci.
10- F(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum”
This was a generic sounding F(x) song but I have to admit I love it soooo much! it’s so simple but Amber’s rapping. <3 Ooo girl kill em. I love everything about this song aaaah.
9- Girl’s Day “Female President”
This song was just strong and powerful and i loved it soo much. Minah has an amazing voice (idk if it was Minah tbh aha) It’s a very catchy song to dance to..and omg I just love the (da da da da da da) It was so sexy but cute.
8- 2ne1’s “Do You Love Me”
I love “Falling in Love” as well but this song was so catchy to sing and dance to. Also praise CL’s talent omg..she can dance, rap, and sing! she’s too perfect..i just can’t. This song is perfect too.
7- Jay Park’s “Joah”
Ooo this song is PERFECT! It’s so cute, catchy, and i love it soo much. This is actually the only song of Jay Park I listen to..and uh this was my summer jam. Yas!
6- SISTAR’s “Give It to Me”
at first this song looked like it was all Hyorin. But, everyone had a very powerful solo. It’s fun to dance to and it makes you feel But i love Hyorins vocals. to die for omg <3
5- SNSD’s “I Got A Boy”
I love SNSD in general! Even thought this song is all over the place it was sooooo catchy to dance to! The singing was honestly messing..but yas the dance. The rapping was uhm..awkwardly put in there. But this is only my favorite dubstep song. Ok? and it won Best Youtube Video.
4- APink’s “No No No”
This was such a catchy song until It became my alarm tone..-.- JK! I love this song sooo much it’s soo summery, catching, and cute. It has a very powerful message as well.
3- 2PM’s “ADTOY”
They cameback so my heart can’t take this. Omg..and the dance was a little sexual and disturbing..but hot. I mean com’on it’s 2PM. ADTOY was just the best. <3 I love you Wooyoung.
2- SHINee’s “Why So Serious”
Their style choice is really..different now. But their music sounds the same. I didn’t really like Everybody and Dream Girl was okay. Why So Serious..It’s so catchy to sing to and’s so fun. Taeminnie oppa’s voice> This song is perfect.
1- EXO’s “Growl”
It’s more catchy then Wolf since Wolf is very messing as well. But EXO’s dancing is sooooo in sync. I am so happy with this comeback..and I loved all 3 songs that came out. Growl is just reaaaaally fun I can’t. EXO is ruining my bias list.

That Single Life Doe

It’s better to be single, there’s pros and cons. Pro- You don’t have to worry about a breakup and other relationship crap. Con- You don’t have a boyfriend to be cute with. But that’s why we get pets… #foreveralone

What have i been loving?

Jihyun and Hyungsik♥

Me and my best friend are so lame. We made our own kpop entertainment and awards show. Me w/ the trophy.

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YFL Camp

I joined this called YFL. I have NO IDEA what that stands for. It brought me closer to God and i wanna thank God,Stephanie,& everyone in the Youth that brought me to this path. I learned a lot about Christainity and reglious things that it inspired me to PRAY when i needed someone.


shopping instead of dating.


Allie please don't get a boyfriend yet.


Yeah allie please don't get a boyfriend...they ruin you.


i won't date as long as i go shopping tomorrow.


ok fine. Shopping instead of dating.


wait wah?

“everyone you wanna be— probably started off like me”

—   Glee ‘Loser Like Me’
went to Thomas Edison&#8217;s factory in West Orange,NJ.

“love is like this.. the guy likes the girl but the girl likes another guy and the other guy likes another girl and it keeps going.. unless if you change your mind”

why doesnt the guy i like notice me? im innocent and not a freak. right?

Growning Up..


Your voice got deeper..


Your eyes got bigger...

Princeton University in Trenton,NJ.

Princeton University in Trenton,NJ.